K’sara is the main character in the webcomic Monster girls on tour, and a secondary character in Guild adventure. She’s a salamander, a race of reptilian females at the top of the power chain in Robukan. 

K’sara is also used sometimes for comedic purposes in random jokes against Social justice warriors, or in the pages of the comic Gamergate Triggerhappy.


K’sara is a 25 years old salamander woman (though there’re only females in her race); she’s 6’9 feet tall, with a well built physique, golden reptilian eyes, dark skin and black pointy hair falling down her back, in the usual salamander fashion. Like all salamanders, she has big clawed hands, with just four fingers, and protective scales. Her feet are digitigrade, also with protective scales, that can even block non elemental weapons. She has a tail with a continous flame at the tip, and scales arround her breasts.

She wears a Narya armor; light and with lightning element. The armor has shinobi-like black pants, open at the midle, with shoulder and hip armor pads, and lines of cloth covering her breasts. She uses a Bizouga heavy sword, possesing lightning element. The sword is actually a previous non elemental sword adapted with a Bizouga elemental core. When K’sara releases it, the crossguard opens and applies electricity to the sword.


Like all salamanders, K’sara is inmune to the fire element. Fire attacks don’t have an effect on her, but she still suffer from the collateral damage of those effects. The impact of a fireball still pushes her, the shockwave of an explosion can still kill her, and the shrapnel still pierces her body. She can control fire to a certain degree and has a range of low level fire elemental powers avaliable, however her offensive fire powers are lower to other salamanders, because she focused on movility through her Symbiosis: Spizfair

Spizfair allows her to burn essence to propel herself with fire through her feet. This allows her to run at a very high speed for as long as she’s burning essence. While she’s using Spizfair, her charges become very powerful and she can cut through hard skinned enemies thanks to the impulse. The downside of this symbiosis is that it is hard to turn when she’s using it. K’sara also uses a version of Spizfair to burn everything arround her starting from her feet, but this is a crude way to burn essence, and she has even almost died burning all of her essence that way.

As she’s a salamander, she can use a second element besides fire, so she can use lightning element through her sword. When she uses it, she can do a very common salamander skill, the Call of thunder, which summon a lightning to the place where the sword is. She developed a teamwork version, in which she uses TicTic‘s help to power up the lightning, to the point she can kill big creatures in one strike.

K’sara has also shown a capacity to sense essence superior to other members of her race, and while her swormanship skill is inferior to the overall in salamanders, she’s well versed in the salamander martial art, T’shanado. She also has, as a salamander, regeneration powers that allow her to recover from wounds and even regenerate the tail or fingers. With a long time, she could even regenerate an arm.

She also managed to learn a second symbiosis with her lightning sword [Spoilers from Guild adventure] combined with her Spizfair, where she fills an area with fire essence and sulfur, and creates an electrical reaction to make the entire area explode. The downside is that the explosion can also kill her because is half electrical. [end of spoilers]



K’sara is a strong willed individual who loves to fight above all else. In fact, as it’s usual with salamanders, she thrives for fighting strong people, and that led her to become obssesed with fighting and killing Europa someday. Also, salamander instincts usualy make them to feel atracted to strong people who beat them, and while Europa didn’t beat K’sara, she feels that Europa has more power than she showed. This has make K’sara to become obssesed both in fighting spirit and sexualy, although she doesn’t seem to realize this herself. Lesbianism is not seen with good eyes in salamander society, as their instincts led them to reproduce when they find a strong individual, to create the stronger offspring, and lesbian relationships don’t produce offsprings.

K’sara is, at the same time, one of the most and less racist characters in the story. Salamanders are a race that base everything on strenght. So K’sara is a meritocrat, for whom race or sex doesn’t matter, as long as someone is strong. If an individual shows personal power, she doesn’t care what race or skin color they have, she doesn’t have any kind of prejudice outside of strenght and merit. But at the same time, salamanders are the strongest race of all, and they know it, so they usually see the other races as overall inferior, since they’re weaker. So K’sara has the prejudice to consider anyone from other races inferior, but this has really no relationship with their color or culture, and it dissapears as soon as they prove themselves strong.

In fact K’sara is incapable of understanding other kinds of racism. Outside of strenght she doesn’t understand why someone has prejudice to other races or even hate them, specially when it comes to individuals who have proved their strenght, and she tends to come up to defend Incompletes who are being insulted just because of their condition, as she doesn’t understand why their appearance would be a factor.

K’sara is not a dumb individual, but not the brightest one either. She’s smarter than creatures like arachnes and tend to be doumbfunded at how stupid the panda ants are, and she’s very cunning when it comes to combat, surpassing many people with more inteligence than her; but she’s usually slow understanding things, simpleminded and with no formal education. Put it simply, all of her inteligence is focused on combat.


K’sara first appeared in chapter 7 of Guild adventure, saving Reika and confronting the main characters. She and her group were created as a parody to typical protagonist groups in shonen anime, as well as rivals for the main characters. K’sara was a parody of the typical strong willed protagonists you can see in shonens like Fairy tail or One piece, with a rival who’s also her friend (Europa) and twins used for comic relief. This was suposed to be compared with the main character in Guild adventure, where the twins Reika dnd Leika are the relevant protagonists and stronger ones, the suposed “protagonist”, Rago, is useless, and the rival/friend, Rakunda, is almost as useless as Rago.

She was intented as a temporary rival/joke for the protagonists to beat somehow, but her group quickly became the favourite characters for the readers, and that prompted the creation of their own comic, Monster girls on tour.

STORY: (i’ll try to lay out the basic story with as few spoilers as possible, and only material that has been published)

K’sara’s story begins when Europa travels to the salamander camp where she is staying the night. Europa hid her powers from the salamanders as to not be challenged by them, but K’sara’s particulary higher detection skills made her see through her, and challenged her to a duel. K’sara was the victor from the fight, but she sensed that Europa has not used her full power, and may be stronger than K’sara. Europa, for reasons she wasn’t willing to explain, didn’t want to use her full powers, because that could lead to her death, and she couldn’t allow herself to die until she solved the mystery of the Incompletes and helped them. K’sara vowed to follow Europa and help her find her objective as fast as possible so she could have a serious fight, and kill her in battle.

K’sara and Europa traveled until they found out the only Panda ant nest in Robukan, where they recruited TicTic and DunDun (a story that can only be read in the special adventure “The beginning”, on both the store and patreon). After that they got info on an Incompletes village hidden in Asmara, and they got there in time for their annual food festival. The complete story of the festival can be read in the second special adventure “the festival”, but the result was a fight with their leader, Dragon, which resulted in K’sara’s defeat and running away. Despite that, they got a lead on where to find something useful, traveling to the island of Lars. But first, they have to get to Potoka.