Sometimes a lone, strange individual appears, with some features different from any race. Sometimes showing some cross between a human and some Parodyanimal or monster; sometimes being a completely new thing, this individuals usually can’t reproduce and simply live their lives normally until they die. No one knows why this happens, but it didn’t happened much, until the last decade, in which the number or these creatures have started to increase in great quantities for unknown reasons, and some of them can reproduce and create new species. Some people are starting to get afraid of them as every one of them is something new and unpredictable. They are the less integrated creatures of all and the focus of most mistrust in all Robukan. There are a lot of different names for them; some call them the politically correct “humanoids” or “non-humans”; some others call them “monster humanoids” as an insult, while others use “monstrous humanoids” as a descriptive. The members of the Monster villa use the term “monster girl” or “monster boy” to define themselves, while other people find that term to be offensive. But the more widely used name for this creatures was coined by the slazs, who have shown a lot of displeasure with these creatures, and call them“incompletes”, making reference to their incomplete state as a race. These Incompletes are looked with disdain in almost all places, with the exception of Potoka, where people really don’t care about such things, and Salamander villages, since salamanders only care about strenght.

The name “Incompletes” itself is cause of discrepancies. It was initially coined as an insult, and in some places is still used as such. But as it growed in use, it has lost it’s offensive meaning in some places and it’s used normaly. Whatever the particular opinion of an individual about the word, it’s the word that most people in Robukan can understand who’s refering to.

MG cover peqThe number of Incompletes was low and constant until the Legendary beast invaded the slaz island. From that moment onwards they have been increasing in numbers, and some of them can reproduce and perpetuate as a specie. The most notable example are the panda ants, a specie with only a few years of life and several hundred members that increases every day. Whats more, there’s Incompletes born before the Legendary beast attack that can now reproduce when they couldn’t do it before. Some scholars think there’s a conection between this and the “essence” that baths the world, and a few of them, like Europa, are actively searching for an answer.

Incompletes can come from any element, and have shown very wide range of affinities with it. Sometimes Incompletes have very clear characteristics from their mother race, and their powers are similar. Sometimes their powers go in a completely different direction (like the case of D’jahira). Sometimes they don’t seem to have any relationship with their mothers race, and have diferent ranges of power, going from no elemental power at all, to a power superior beyond what someone could expect of their base race.

There are no proper Incomplete cities, and it cannot be said they are integrated anywhere, but there are small places where some of them live, like the Monster villa, home of many of the characters in Monster girls on tour.

Here are some of the known Incompletes in Robukan: Anubis; Basilisk; Centaur; Cuelebre; Dragon; D’jahira; Europa; Harpy; Herensuge; Kitsune; Lamia; Nekomata; Ojancano; Oni; Satyr; Slime; Succubus; Trenti; Yuki onna; Zana