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This comic is composed of random humor pages i do about the Team Talon from Overwatch. I don’t update the comic much, but i’ve done enough pages that it’s better to compile them in a comic folder.

The first pages of this comic were born when Sombra was introduced in the game. I’m an Spanish author, but i play with the english voices (spanish dubs are just horrible) and i realized that when she speaks Spanish (she’s mexican) she seem to use expressions from countries other than mexico. This reminded me to how for people in the US, specially when it comes to videogames, all of the hispanic countries seem to be the same, and hispanic characters have an amalgam of items from all arround our cultures. A hispanic character in a videogame uses all kind of expressions from Spain to Argentina, wears sombrero, dances flamenco, likes bullfighting and drinks Mate. I don’t blame you, even us hispanics get confused. But it’s fun nonetheless. So i did a page about Sombra doing some steteorypical hispanic thing, and it became viral. So i have been doing pages from time to time, mostly joking about hispanic stereotypes, for which i’ve been called a racist, against my own race. Not that i care.

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