TicTic & DunDun are part of the main characters in the webcomic Monster girls on tour, and secondary characters in Guild adventure. Their wiki will be done combined because they’re Panda ants, so they are almost the same, with minor differences.


TicTic and DunDun are 6 years old Panda ants. Their species has a very low lifespan, living for about 10-15 years, and they develop a lot faster, so they’re fully adults. They’re both 6 feet tall and look physicaly almost the exact same. This is a common characteristic among panda ants; ants from the same nest are almost indistinguishable from one another to outsider eyes, though they manage to tell themselves appart easily.

They have dark grey skin, with some parts of their legs, arms and torso covered in exoskeleton, making them tremendously hardy. Their hands and feet have three ant pincers, and in their heads they have ant jaws and antennae. Their eyes are completelly black, and they’ve no eyebrowns.

Even if they look almost the same, TicTic’s forearm is white, while Dundun’s is black.

They both wear Hectalia lightning armors they made taking parts of this creatures to a blacksmith in a city nearby their nest; DunDun wears the fighter version, while TicTic wears the archer version, which has an aditional protection pad on her left leg. DunDun uses dual Zoroastra wind swords, while TicTic uses a Hectalia lightning bow.

Aside of this, in Monster girls on tour, K’sara made them wear a ribbon on their antennae to tell them appart. DunDun has it in her right side with an angry face of herself, while TicTic has it in her left side with a happy face.





As panda ants, they have an astounding resistance due to their exoskeleton, combined with regeneration powers that surpass those of salamanders, and allow them to ignore most simple wounds, and heal severe wounds in a matter of days. They’re are also disproportionately strong for their size, as common ants are. TicTic easily takes to the ground a Slaz warrior three heads taller than her with one hand, and DunDun manages to temporarily lift creatures as big as the Bizouga.

Their elemental powers are very low. Panda ants are a new species that don’t have yet an elemental affinity, nor can reach a symbiosis. TicTic and DunDun’s elemental affinity is at the peak of what their race can produce. DunDun can use wind to generate a tornado and rip through enemies, while TicTic can charge her arrows, infusing them with more lightning power the more time she spends on it. She also learned to teamwork with K’sara to help her produce a more powerful version of her Call of thunder skill.


TicTic and DunDun are both simpleminded and dumb individuals. Panda ants in general are not known for their inteligence. They’re both ingenuous, carefree and trusting, which makes them easy to manipulate. Fortunately they have Europa to tell them what to do, and they’ve learned some lessons on what is right and wrong, but they could be manipulated anyways if they’ve not splicitly being told against something by Europa or K’sara.

They’re both joyfull and like to play games, and they fight like if it was a game, which makes them unreliable most of the time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to fight. They were fighters and explorer back in the nest and they know their trade.

DunDun and TicTic are so alike in personality that they say almost the same things, at the same time, and even move the same way, making them move like a tandem most of the time. Even so, there are some little differences. DunDun is a little more “serious” and she worries a little more, so she sometimes scolds her sister, or gives some ideas to the group. TicTic is more carefree than her sister, but also a little more imaginative, coming with better ideas in the middle of a fight.



TicTic and DunDun first appeared in chapter 7 of Guild adventure, saving Reika. Them and their group were created as a parody to typical protagonist groups in shonen anime, as well as rivals for the main characters. K’sara was a parody of the typical strong willed protagonists you can see in shonens like Fairy tail or One piece, with a rival who’s also her friend (Europa) and twins used for comic relief. This was suposed to be compared with the main character in Guild adventure, where the twins Reika and Leika are the relevant protagonists and stronger ones, the suposed “protagonist”, Rago, is useless, and the rival/friend, Rakunda, is almost as useless as Rago.

They were intented as a temporary rival/joke for the protagonists to beat somehow, but their group quickly became the favourite characters for the readers, and that prompted the creation of their own comic, Monster girls on tour.

STORY: (i’ll try to lay out the basic story with as few spoilers as possible, and only material that has been published)


TicTic and DunDun story begins when K’sara and Europa arrived at their nest (which you can read only in the special adventure “the beginning” on the store or my patreon). Their nest is the only one that exist in Robukan, as they’re the first ones of their species. TicTic and DunDun where explorers with the task of patroling their area and commerce with nearby towns. People in those towns believed that they were just some kind of Arachne, and the area didn’t have any real problem with non humans, so they had fluid interactions. When K’sara and Europa arrived, they recruited them to investigate the outside world and someday return to report at the nest.

After that they got info on an Incompletes village hidden in Asmara, and they got there in time for their annual food festival. The complete story of the festival can be read in the second special adventure “the festival”, but the result was a fight with their leader, Dragon, which resulted in K’sara’s defeat and running away. Despite that, they got a lead on where to find something useful, traveling to the island of Lars. But first, they have to get to Potoka.