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Monster Girls in Space is a one-shot i started a couple years ago. The idea was to draw about 60 pages and publish it completed. For a while i had a decent rythm, but i’ve progressively be left with less and less time as work and projects pile up. Right now i’m running 4 comics at the same time (Monster girls on tour, The Succubus is a shonen protagonist, Corona-chan doing nothing suspicious and Triggerhappy) plus drawings for patreon plus working on commissions, plus some series of drawings that i do for twitter and stuff. I have very little, if any, time for yet another comic. I haven’t been able to draw a page for this in half a year, and in two years i’ve only done 26 pages. Not only that, i keep getting ideas to improve and as of now it will probably be 80 pages rather than 60. At this pace i maybe would publish it in a decade.

So i’ve decided to publish what i’ve done till now, so at least there’s some use to it. Maybe, just maybe, i can try to force to find time to draw one page a month, and in several years it would be complete, but i can’t promise anything. It’s really a pity because i like this story a lot and i think it would have been best to read it in one go since it has a few twists and subversions and it’s better if you don’t have literal years to think about what will happen next. But alas, i just can’t handle everything i do, something had to go, and it had to be this.