Europa is one of the main characters in the webcomic Monster girls on tour, and a secondary character in Guild adventure. She’s an Incomplete; mutants born different from the race of their parents, in this case, an Incomplete human.


Europa is a 27 years old female Incomplete; she’s 5’7 feet tall, with an angelical beauty and attractive body, purple eyes, pale skin and white feathers as hair, which she has short. She has one big bird wing, which combined with her beaty makes her similar to an angel.

She wears a high class light Guild armor, a very expensive type of equipment created not by a single creature, but confected by using materials from many of them, giving her the best protection a light armor can give, while increasing her speed with wind element. She also uses a high class Guild wind long sword, which is as strong as a longsword while being as light and quick as a chinese sword.


Some of Europa’s powers have not been revealed, but she posseses a high control of wind powers, being capable of creating cutting wind slashes or wind shields.

One of the most common uses she gives to wind is surrounding her sword with a wind current and propeling it so it can block heavy weapons or monsters even if it’s a small weapon, and moving it at fast speeds.

Although she cannot fly like other winged Incompletes like Dragon, nor soar like Herensuge, she can glide for a short time using her wing, or jump higher distances.

But her most important power is her symbiosis. Europa’s symbiosis allows her to redirect her own essence into other people, which boosts their regeneration and inmune system, making them “heal” from sickness and wounds, or simply ressuplying them of essence. She’s one of the very, very few people in Robukan with healing capabilities, and this, combined with her angelical form, makes people to love her everywhere she goes. Of course, she cannot use this healing power on herself, and she also has to evade people trying to take advantage of her power.



Europa is a kind and compasionate individual; in fact, she’s probably too compasionate, to the point it borders on pathological altruism. She’s obssesed with helping Incompletes and finding a cure for their state, and she usually scolds K’sara for being insensitive or offensive. If she existed in the real world, she could be a soft version of a Social justice warrior, though she really cares about people, but she also enjoys the moral superiority.

She likes to tease K’sara, and sometimes make puns about people, but she always helps when it’s needed, and activelly tries to help others. She’s aware of the obssesion K’sara has with fighting her and understand the reasons to be due to the salamander instinct, but she seems to be unaware of the sexual attraction she also causes on her. With time she has learn about K’sara and knows that she’s doesn’t have an altruistic mindset, but has learned what buttons to push to point her in the direction she wants. Her teasings and attempts to lead K’sara into her social justice ways make them to clash several times.

Europa seems to be from the high society; she acts and speak that way, and is useless at daily chores, like cooking; she used money to pay for those services, and now relies on K’sara for all that stuff; something that K’sara likes to use to tease her.

She’s smart and very highly educated, good with words and people, but she can also be ingenious when it comes to everyday stuff like buying from merchants, and when she fights, she seems to do it “by the book”, with no room for improvisation.



Europa was first hinted in chapter 9 of Guild adventure, speaking to TicTic and DunDun, and was fully shown in chapter 10, on the first fight of the pariah team. She and her group were created as a parody to typical protagonist groups in shonen anime, as well as rivals for the main characters. K’sara was a parody of the typical strong willed protagonists you can see in shonens like Fairy tail or One piece, with a rival who’s also her friend (Europa) and twins used for comic relief. This was suposed to be compared with the main character in Guild adventure, where the twins Reika and Leika are the relevant protagonists and stronger ones, the suposed “protagonist”, Rago, is useless, and the rival/friend, Rakunda, is almost as useless as Rago.

She was intented as a temporary rival/joke for the protagonists to beat somehow, but her group quickly became the favourite characters for the readers, and that prompted the creation of their own comic, Monster girls on tour.

STORY: (i’ll try to lay out the basic story with as few spoilers as possible, and only material that has been published)

Europa’s story begins when she travels to the salamander camp where K’sara is staying the night. Europa hid her powers from the salamanders as to not be challenged by them, but K’sara’s particulary higher detection skills made her see through her, and challenged her to a duel. K’sara was the victor from the fight, but she sensed that Europa has not used her full power, and may be stronger than K’sara. Europa, for reasons she wasn’t willing to explain, didn’t want to use her full powers, because that could lead to her death, and she couldn’t allow herself to die until she solved the mystery of the Incompletes and helped them. K’sara vowed to follow Europa and help her find her objective as fast as possible so she could have a serious fight, and kill her in battle.

K’sara and Europa traveled until they found out the only Panda ant nest in Robukan, where they recruited TicTic and DunDun (a story that can only be read in the special adventure “The beginning”, on both the store and patreon). After that they got info on an Incompletes village hidden in Asmara, and they got there in time for their annual food festival. The complete story of the festival can be read in the second special adventure “the festival”, but the result was a fight with their leader, Dragon, which resulted in K’sara’s defeat and running away. Despite that, they got a lead on where to find something useful, traveling to the island of Lars. But first, they have to get to Potoka.