sexy antsPanda ants are a completely new species; they have being existing for less than a decade and only in a hidden anthill in the mountains on the southern lands. There are very little people who know of their existence; the few people who had contact with them think they are some arachne sub-race, there’s only about 3-4 individuals in the whole Robukan who actually know they are an independent race. They are actually similar in appearance to some arachnes, but they have different fangs and also have antennae, something no arachne has. All panda ants have grey skin with many black and white, a hidden sting with a powerful venom (which they rarely use) and are very similar; apparently they use their antennae to tell the difference, but visually, to human eyes, they are all the same.

Panda ants share the carefree and friendly attitude of eastern arachnes, as well as an absolute ignorance on laws or human society (another reason to confuse them), but they have a society on their own. This society tough is not one of a common anthill, they doesn’t have a hive mind neither are divided into workers and soldiers, neither sacrifice themselves without thinking, but they do have a close relationship and see all the anthill as a big family. Every ant is an individual totally capable of himself, but they do like to stay together and help each other, having everyone of them an assigned job to help the anthill survive.

Some of this jobs include hunting, patrolling and scouting, and ants assigned to these duties became curious and contacted with other humanoids on a friendly way, even if those humanoids left without knowing what they were.

Panda ants are absurdly strong for their size (about 1,80 meters). An animal ant can lift 100 hundred times their weight, and panda ants seem to share this1 amazing quality; and while scale limits this feat, they can lift several times their weight and easily defeat the biggest of slazs on a strength match. They also have great speed, amazing resistance, regeneration capabilities and seem to be unaffected by pain or damage, they can act normally even if you cut their arm, and it will grow back with some time; a really lethal wound is necessary to kill them.

In fact, physically they clearly surpass salamanders, but they are not a very clever race, they lack any tactic and just go straight against their prey or rival, using their superior raw force to win. Also, unlike salamanders, they can only have one affinity, and they really don’t understand anything about how essence works; they don’t have dwarves, neither know what essence equipment does; they have a few armors and weapons traded with some humans, but they wear them just because they are pretty, they don’t train any elemental skill nor know what affinity their race has. In fact, as of now, they have none. Their race seems to have very little essence affinity, so they can use elemental weapons and obtain some low level powers, but will never obtain a great skill like a symbiosis.

All known panda ants are female, there’s no info on how they increase population, or how they breed, or what happens when breeding with another race, and the few people who know about them doesn’t feel like asking. What they know is that the lifespan of panda ants is very small, usually about 10 years.

The most relevant Panda ants are TicTic and DunDun, members of the Pariah team in both Monster girls on tour and Guild adventure; Rosario is a panda ant member of the Supreme team.