Salamanders are known, respected and feared as the most powerful race in Robukan. Their body is that of a human, but with dark red-like skin. Their hands and feet are big, with scales and claws, they have a tail with a flame on it, reptilian eyes and fangs. They have the strength of a warrior slaz with a body of usually about 2 meters and a better speed than humans, as well as an amazing resistance and some regeneration capabilities. But what makes them most dangerous it’s their huge affinity with fire, which makes them invulnerable to fire damage and allows them to use fire skills without any help from equipment. What’s more, since they can use fire by default, they can use equipment from a different element, increasing their affinity and ultimately awakening powers for that element.

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This huge difference in the balance of power makes people to fear, distrust and hate them on most places; specialy because salamanders are an aggressive and problematic race, and the only reason why measures haven’t been taken against them it’s because they are a very scarce race and they doesn’t usually go together. Salamanders believe in the survival of the strongest and are always obsesively seeking to fight against powerful rivals, creating problems everywhere they go. On the other side, they are always trying to fight powerful monsters, and that makes them excellent hunters with great titles, so hunters respect them as much as they hate them.

The reason why salamanders are scarce (aside of their death rate fighting powerful foes), it’s because is a race composed entirely of females. They can mate with almost any race, and the product is always a female salamander, who is raised and trained as a warrior in some small village composed only by salamanders with that purpose, until, at a very young age, they pass a rite of adulthood and leave the village, returning only from time to time to give birth, share stories and help to train and equip new salamanders. Also, they choose their mates based almost solely on strength; they seek the most powerful male to produce an offspring. Many times, if a rival manages to defeat them, their instincts make them to obsess with mating with that individual.

Salamanders are not original from Robukan; they arrived at the western lands hundreds of years ago and had a hard first contact with the people of salamander scalesLakota, instigated by the salamanders, who looked down on them. Fortunately, salamanders preferred to move towards the hottest lands of Asmara, and hostilities didn’t escalated much, but still Lakota humans and ofides doesn’t like salamanders very much.

Truly, salamanders have no real hometown and they travel all around Robukan, but they have some permanent small villages on Asmara for raising
children, and those maintain commercial relationships with Asmara humans and ofides, who at least see salamanders as a protection from the desert arachnes, since both are aggressive races who fight each other. Also, to be fair, it have to be said that salamanders doesn’t really hate anyone for their race. They look down on others, especially the weaker races, because they only respect strength, but for the same reason, if someone demonstrates strength, they respect them and have no problem with teaming up with them. There’s not uncommon to see salamanders on a hunter team with strong humanoid monsters. The only race they hate are slazs, and no one knows very well why, maybe not even them.

Some notorious salamanders are K’sara, the leader of the Pariah team and main character of the comic Monster girls on tour; and D’jahira, leader of the supreme team.