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Gamergate, a movement that started on august 2014 due to some related events in a shot period of time, all related to unethical behavior on games journalism and the invasion of the so called Social justice warriors, people who want to apply censorship and force changes into the industry while not playing games themselves. Those related events made people unite with a single goal, defend gaming and freedom of expresion.

Since one of the events was related to a woman, the media tried to force the false narrative that gamergate goal is to banish women and minorities from gaming and game development, something actually opposite to what gamergate does, and very easy to disprove, since half of Gamergate supporters are women and minorities, but since the media controls the dialogue, people believed it, and gamergate is brandished as a hate movement full of misogyny.

Vivian james (rehead) is the mascot of gamergate, born from a game created by a group of women developers financed by gamergate (oh yeah, we hate women developers), Liliam woods is a copycat character created by the SJW by recoloring vivian james. Pretty original uh?, but it gave me the idea to make this comic.

For more info on GG you can go to http://wiki.gamergate.me/index.php/GamerGate