Succubus is a character who only appears in Monster girls on tour, thus making her somehow difficult to explain, since she relies greatly in the absurd nature of that comic.

She’s an “incomplete”, a mutant monster girl, born from a female human and a male incomplete who also had wins, horns and tail (as seen in the special adventure “the gamer”) and pleaded to have sex with hundreds of women. There’s also another similar character called “Incubus”, who’s also prone to sex. Considering that Succubus also has lots of sex, we could conclude that people from that lineage are very sexualy active, and it’s possible that a race of “succubus” will be canon with some time due to the amount of children that will be born.

Note that most Incompletes never becomes races. They’re individual people with special characteristics different from the other races. Some of them will reproduce, and if their children keep reproducing, with time they’ll become a race. This is how the Panda ant race was recently created, through a Queen ant who produced lots of children.


Succubus is a 32 years old Incomplete woman, though her physical appereance seems to be always of a 20 years old. She’s 5’8 feet tall, with a highly attractive body and appereance, pixie black hair, two black, big and slender demon-like wings, a pointy black tail and two horns on her head.

She wears a low level light armor who trades protection for fashion style, as per her choice. It looks similar to a gothic lolita dress, but more revealing, with a pentacle design arround her breasts, and an asymetric design in her legs. She uses a kind of mechanic fire bow that seems to hold one or two secrets.


Succubus has yet to reveal her powers in the comic, but she has shown to be competent at bow shooting as well as lance skills, as it’s shown when she practices with a bat in “the gamer”. By the same practice it’s shown that she knows how to play baseball.

The wings allow her to soar in the same way Herensugue does. She cannot fly for a long time but she can float and move arround for some time. She possesses fire essence, though she has yet to use any fire power or a symbiosis.

She’s also highly skilled at sexualy arousing both male and female alike, which is a combination of her otherwordly beauty, passionate and inquisite personality, and hormones, that makes everyone crazy for her.


Succubus is an egoist who only looks for her own benefict, pleasure and entertainment. She uses everyone as she pleases to have fun, and cares very little for anyone except Aradne, whos has been her friend for more than a decade. And even Aradne is played arround at Succubus whims. She’s not evil or cruel, but shes carefree and lacks acknowledment of boundaries regarding other people. She has always obtained anything she wanted using her beauty, so she has a high feeling of entitlement. Fortunately, many of the things that entertain or pleasure her involve pleasuring others. She often has sex with strangers and friends alike, and she’s a master of pleasure. She pushes others arround to do the things she likes, but she cares that they have fun too. She forces Aradne to do what she pleases, but she cares that is for Aradne’s good.

This pushing arround for fun takes her to acompany Lizard in her journey to kill K’sara, just because it will be fun to watch them fight to the death, and to make Aradne meet more people. Of course this may change at any moment depending on her mood, and she doesn’t have a problem killing someone if they piss her off.

Succubus is also a huge fun of games. This is the part when her character becomes a little complex, since she only exists in the absurdity of Monster girls on tour. In this webcomic, she’s shown as a hardcore gamer, who has been playing videogames for decades, and many of her jokes involve references and cosplays about videogames. Of course, there are not really videogames in the Robukan setting, and this is just a product of absurd humor. In the “real” Robukan, she’s a player of gamgling games. She’s the kind to go through taberns and casinos playing dice or cards, or even strategy games like chess, and she’s very good at it, as she’s good at videogames in the absurd world of MGoT. That is in fact how she earns her living, by winning gambles or taking what she wants using her body.

In both setting and absurd, she likes to play baseball, which is one of the most extended sports in Robukan (a trait she shares with Reika)

While she sees people as just mediums to her fun and pleasure, she really cares about Aradne, whos her only real friend (and Succubus is the only friend of Aradne).


Succubus appeared for the first time in the special adventure “The festival”, published originally on the magazine Tamago duro. In it, she goes along Aradne to the annual festival of the Monster villa, where she meets K’sara, Europa, TicTic & DunDun. She later appears in the webcomic for the first time in page 12, when Kitsune and some other adventurers crossed her territory and where forced by her to stay and play videogames (and possibly have sex). Since then she has appeared in several jokes about videogames, and in her own special adventure.


As seen in the special adventure “the gamer”, Succubus was born from a single mother, after her Incomplete father left them. Both mother and father where beautiful, and Succubus inherited those trais, which made her able to navigate through the south hostility towards Incompletes using her looks. She learned to use her body to her advantage at an early age, and she became friends with Aradne when she was 18.

During the annual festivities in the Monster villa, she overhears Lizard giving indications to Europa, and she deduces that Lizard is planing on follow and kill her. Interested in the entertainment that will entail, and in the opportunity to show Aradne more parts of the world, she blackmails Lizard into forming a team.

Succubus is a popular character, and that gave her her own part in the special adventure “the gamer”.