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The “pink tax” is one of the most recent feminist myths, but it looks like it’ll be another of those who will never ever die no matter how many times it’s debunked with facts, and now it has finally arrived to Spain; and like every feminist “issue” that arrives to Spain from the US, it has come multiplied, so now the government is going to reduce taxes for higiene products for women and has bowed to “end the pink tax” so we can expect new grades of stupidity and priviledge grantings for women in the future.

The pink tax is as easy to refute as to pointing out the prices are NOT for the same product, but for products with DIFFERENT ingredients and characteristics, and women’s products tend to be a lot of specific and with a lot more ingredients, that make them more expensive. You can watch Shoeonhead videos about that, they’re hillarious. Or you can watch this long breackdown of the myth by TLDR.

The funniest part for me about this, is that i think believing in the pink tax is actually sexist, because to believe that women suffer from that, you have to believe women are stupid and unable to pick the product with the best price/quality ratio, and instead will just buy the pink one. They’ve clearly never seen their mothers buy stuff.

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