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A new Thundercats series was announced, and the choice for drawing style was hugely rejected by both fans of the series and overall everyone whos tired of series in the last years having the exact same “tumblr” designs. It’s more or less common than in each era most series tend to a similar type of aesthetic, but the problem in this case is that the prevalent drawing is a huge downgrade in quality from the cartoon series of decades back, to the point this is already been called “the dark age” of animation. A big blame on this comes from the CalArts school of animation, in which they teach people to downgrade their drawing quality and draw all in the same fashion; and there’s also the problem of how animation studios now seem to be trying to pander to Tumblr instead of long standing fans or the overall public. If a company makes a reboot of an existing series, is because they want to capitalize on the already existing fans; if not, it would be far better to do a new series for a new public. So fans are, with reason, angry if they completelly change the product, downgrade the quality, fill it with contradictions to the original setting, or outright fuck the original product like The Last Jedi did.

Obviously, this page is a joke and i’m not going to change my style. But holy shit i must say is super easy to draw like this. I haven’t had to pay any attention to body structure, fingers, sizes, or even shadows :p

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