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Recently, a popular spanish gaming youtuber started to make videos promoting feminism in games, and repeating the same ideas as Anita sarkeesian, like cultivation theory. You know, the one that has been debunked a miriad times and has no single study to support it. That one.

His fans are now up to arms and he’s receiving a dialectic beating from all directions, with tons of video responses, since most people are not buying his shit. But what is funnier to me is that people apparently didn’t see it coming. They all make comments like “he was not like this before, he has started now because of feminist friends” (and let me tell you, i know some of those friends and they’re the worst pieces of shit in Spain). But the thing is, i saw his videos first time about 4 years ago, and i already called this out, cause i saw it coming a mile away. He was the kind to purposedly use obtuse language and academic terms out of place to look smart, in circumstances where it didn’t belong, and prone to say that “he didn’t agree with Sarkeesian”, to then proceed to agree with her on everything.

I even said, at the time, he was gonna be dangerous, cause this kind of people gather an audience by giving a false appereance of inteligence using terms like “ludonarrative dissonance”, which are ok in some circumstances ( i use the term when talking about psychology with people who understand it), but when used in casual conversation or videogame videos for youngsters are obviously not going to be understood, and are most likelly than not been used to look smart using a term you learned the other day by chance. And when they have that large audience they will proceed to indoctrinate their fanbase with their agenda, since they’ll be willing to accept anything they say. This is not the same as creating a channel ABOUT that topic and gathering an audience who want to hear about that ideology in videogames (like, let’s say, Liana K), this is instead a move intended to take advantage of how people tend to make their favourite youtubers a part of their identity, even considering them friends, and will be willing to believe and excuse anything they say.

It’s fortunate that he hasn’t know how to play this card properly and a big chunck of his audience has rejected it, but he has still satelites that have just swallowed it whole.

In a way, this only further confirms what i always say: Anything that happens in the US, comes to Spain multiplied a few years later. A lot of social justice stuff that appeared in the US 2 or 3 years ago is coming now to Spain with a vengeance, and in the recent months the topic of Gamergate and Women in games have arised to a point it looks like US 2014. Which means that all that has happened in the following 4 years is going to come now HARD.

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