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One of the main reasons woke people are despised is because many people understand that the reason this people put so much effort into singing their virtues, acussing others and trying to win the moral superiority, is because they have some skeletons in their closet that they want to hide. And the most they try and the craziest their rethoric, the biggest the skeleton is. I can’t count the times that woke people attacking anime fans with accusations of “pedophilia” are outed as convicted pedophiles. The amount of times that wokes presenting all men as evil and sexist are outed as having sexual abuse convictions. The amount of times wokes, especialy journalists, who accuse gamers of all kinds of wrongdoings, have their past deed found out. When someone tries to hard to be an “ally”, that’s when you have to be wary.

In this regard, the Blizzard California lawsuit situation is a sad one, because people are making blanket accusations to gamers and games of being responsible for what happened inside the company and of being sexist, when gamers have been precisely the ones pointing out this relationship between woke companies/individuals and sexual abuse. The issues in blizzard california don’t come because they’re gamers. They come because Blizzard is a woke company, and California is a woke state, so Blizzard California has gathered a lot of woke people in it, turning it into a minefield.

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