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You may consider it pessimistic, but i do not consider mainstream western entertainment capable of doing anything even close to decent anymore; especially if it comes to doing something with established works. Nowadays whenever you read about a new entry, or a remake, remaster, live-action, etc, you just wait for the inevitable moment when you will see news that they’re changing everything for “modern sensibilities”; that the writer they hired is some hyper activist who hates men and white people, the fans of the ip or even the ip itself; that they’re going to race, sexuality and sex-swap every single character; that they’re going to inject modern politics and make the story somehow about Trump or whatever is the popular issue of the month that the american woke activism wants to push; that they’re going to change the costumes because we cannot allow a woman looks pretty under our new religion; that the new product will “adress its problematic past”; that the protagonist now will be “feminist” (code for a mary sue who will belittle men); on whatever combination of those, if not all at once.

Western entertainment is at this point so invaded and dependant on woke politics that they simply cannot do a good product, because everything they do is surrogated to having to fill quotas, “owning the chuds” and making woke activists happy. Making a good story or characters is completely secondary, and in fact almost impossible when you have to avoid so many minefields and check so many boxes. There’s barely room to write anything different or interesting when everything has to be the exact same casualized, sanitized product under the lens of wokenism. And this will continue because as they use the weight of pre-existing popular works, they will succeed monetarily and give the illusion that going woke works, when those products are working despite being woke.

This was one of my main reasons for being against wokeness in entertainment when this discussion arised, like almost a decade ago, because i predicted a future where everything would be so constrained by who you can’t offend and the boxes you have to check that writing and characters would go to fucking shit. And i was, unfortunately, totally right.

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