(Versión española)

This gas rig had pipeline leak leading to some impressive images of the ocean on fire, and although it had apparently no lose of life and didn’t last much, left spectacular enough images that people felt like using them to promote their agendas. So right now there are; if we go by the number of likes in some tweets; hundreds of thousands of people who claim this accident would just not happen if we had a communist system in place. Which is funny since the company is state owned. Some other people went even further and insisted this would never happen if women were the ones in control. Which is funny because the Minister of energy, in direct control of the company, is a woman.

But for me the most interesting part is how many people believe that, somehow, if we just had that economic system in place machinery would always work properly, stuff would never break and workers would be infallible. Which is funny because… well it’s funny to anyone who has read a history book.

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