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If you’re into anime, and especially anitwitter, you know the kind of people i’m talking about. They’re those who say they like anime, but then every line they dedicate to it is to bash it as a whole. Be it that “anime is sexist” or “anime girls are pedophilia” (and i don’t mean lolis, the trend now is to claim that the adult design characters are pedophilia too), or “anime plots touch problematic topics”, or “anime is militaristic” or  “anime is transphobic” or “anime is racist” or “anime is homophobic” or “anime is fascist”, or “anime should pander to westerners instead of japanese fans” or complains that an anime adaptation is not tracing the drawings from the manga (this really happened) and a whole lot of complains that seem to always come from the same people in the same sectors of the internet, to the point that you have to ask yourself, if they hate so many things about anime, why the fuck they still watch it instead of consuming a different product akin to their tastes? They don’t even have to stop watching anime, they can just change genre or target demographic. Why keep insisting on watching “shonen”, the type of anime targeted at young males, to then complain the content was pandering to young males?

Well, if you want to know why i think this happens, you can read my Theory of the Three steps of decadence of a hobby and see steps from 2 to 3.

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