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Final fantasy 7 seems to have been a favourite game to use lately to make statements by people who seem to not have ever play beyond Disc 1. It began to be used some months ago to make the typical anti-gamer strawman of “we want politics out of games” that some people always do showing how some game has in-setting politics to claim gamers are wrong. Of course, this would only be right if we ignore that the argument is not “games shouldn’t have political themes”, but rather “do in-setting politics but don’t inject real life politics in a preachy and accusatory way; people play games for escapism”.

Then some people used it to claim that since Barret leads a group of “anti capitalist” eco-terrorists, that means Final fantasy 7 supports antifa ideology. Of course, to believe this one would have to ignore that Barret is portrayed as a radical fanatic; that he later admits his methods were wrong; that he also admits he wasn’t “anti capitalist”, and he simply wanted to hurt Shin-ra cause Mako energy made him lose his job in a coal mine and tried to kill him; and that after the events in FF7, he became an Oil baron. Not feeling an uncondicional antifa anti-capitalist support from the devs there.

And now that the Remake has come out, the game makes even more clear since the beginning that Barret, at that point in the story, was a radical who didn’t care who he hurted and his aproach was wrong. And yet, there are a worrying number of people who fully believe Barret’s methods were right, and even that killing innocent people is acceptable “for the greater good”. I’ve written an entire article about this last topic so if you are interested you can read it here. 

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