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I’m not someone who believes this is any kind of end of the world situation and those people going nuts to hoard things seem a bit crazy to me, but my judgment of the severity of the issue was counting with a relatively normal way of dealing things by the government. Instead, it has been a shitshow.

The spanish government knew that Spain was at a high risk of infection. They received multiple warnings from health organizations about the risk and to not do any kind of big gathering. Instead, the government continously said that there was no problem and no need to take any measure, and incited people to go gather at the March 8th feminist marchs along all of Spain, especially at the capital. Then in just the following day, the 9th, they declared a health emergency. Then 5 days later; the time it takes for simptons of the virus to appear; the number of confirmed infections skyrocketed.

So basically, the government perfectly knew this was gonna happen but did it anyways so they could have the feminist march. And now Spain is the second country with highest rate of infection in the EU, after italy, and in a 15 day lockdown.

This is a perfect case of modern day Lysenkoism. Lysenkoism refers to the negation of reality; particulartly scientific reality; because of ideology. The concept was born in the Soviet Union, when the government applied communist ideology to agriculture, and whenever a scientist spoke against it, they were sent to gulags or silenced in some way, till no one dared speak against it, they applied a flawled science, and caused a mass starvation.

Now, we have a government that perfectly knew that the feminist march was a BAD idea, but they were so afraid of feminist backlash that they decided to instead promote it so they could take the photo as a progressive government. Some people even virtue signaled with messages like “sexist domestic violence kills more than the virus so shut up about it”, even going as far as making a Count of deaths from domestic violence vs Corona. They don’t update that count anymore, for some reason.

And as a result, the whole country suffers. And the worse part? That i know after this no one will resign. They will just acuse any criticism of being due to sexim and push that it means we have to double down on woke feminist laws to fight it.

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