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I ain’t even gonna go into how stupid the “representation” argument is, i’m way past arguing with anyone on the internet at this point. I’ve never needed to see hispanics in media nor ever will understand why you need characters to be exactly like you to identify with them. Sounds like some kind of psychopathy to me.

But even if the argument had merit, we kinda get way past its supposed purpose when the numbers of race swapping are so high in settings that doesn’t even make sense for them to be in the first place. You want black or hispanic people in media, you should probably make new characters. Turning the queen of england, Snowwhite or Lord of the ring elves into black isn’t probably the way to go. You only alienate people and send the message that black characters can’t stand on their own without stealing from white character’s success. That’s it, you can get angry if you want, i’m not arguing i’m making a statement.

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