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Love or hate NFTs, one thing they’re accomplishing is the rare feat of uniting all sides of the cultural war. Be it for defending or hating it, NFTs don’t seem to have aligned themselves with any side (or declared to be so by the other side). You can find people promoting it from both the “right wing cryptobros” and the “left wing woke griefers”, be it for being an unregulated market blah blah blah or being a space for minorities blah blah blah. But most people on the right, left or center seem to hate them equally, even if for different reasons sometimes. It’s a very unusual thing that sees all of us joining hands in bombarding companies and creators to convince them not to use it. I don’t know how much will this last until NFTs are artificially assigned to one side and then people from that side will start to support it just because it’s from “their side”, but as a dirty center-left i will enjoy this strange alliance while it lasts.

In case you’re wondering, i dislike NFTs and i explained why in this video, but for a TL;DR, i dislike how they’re turning the digital art world into the same decadent, low effort, pseudointelectual shit for speculation that the real world artistic world turned into decades ago.

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