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It’s normal to have criticisms of hobbies and products you consume, but when some people express such continuous visceral hate for things that are part of its core identity, and their list of grievances is so big, you have to wonder what the fuck are they doing there and if they really like it. And in many cases, they don’t; they’re in it just because it’s trendy or they want to push their political agenda. And because they haven’t gone into it due to the elements that compose the product, they demand the product to change until it becomes what they want, often involving political activism and virtue signaling.

This is the kind of people that creators should ignore, because this is not the people who will remain consuming your hobby/product when it ceases to be the popular thing, and the loyal fans will leave due to the nonsensical changes you made to please non-fans. Beware of anyone who swears they’re a big fan, while they want it to change everything that makes it special.

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