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In yet another grade of stupidity that you never though humanity would be able to reach (so, a monday), twitter exploded recently in a discussion about Orcs, because a fairly big number of people argue that somehow Orcs in Dungeons & Dragons are Black people, and as such portraying them as evil is racist. You read that right. In what appears to be an extension of the Goblin Slayer controversy about Goblins being somehow Jews, people are seriously arguing for the rights of imaginary races of monsters in fantasy roleplaying settings intended for casual fun killing evil monsters. I would think that the racist thing is to look at Orcs and think they’re Black people, but what do i know.

Some went even beyond and accused the Drow (dark elves) of being racist cause they have dark skin, comiting the already typical mistake of considering that authors make monsters dark skinned cause they hate black people, and not because, you know, humans have an inherent fear of the dark, and the creatures that lurk in the dark are dark skinned. Like the Drow. Of the Underdark.

I wasn’t going to cover this at first cause i thought it would be just a few idiots, but the thing have scalated to numbers in the thousands of idiots, has spawned articles about the topic, and targeted harrassment, so i guess it will be widespread enough that people will understand the joke. You can kind of follow the details and timeline of events if you read this two articles together:



By the way; despite what ilogical haters claim, i shouldn’t be doing this. I don’t mean the comic; that’s my thing and i do it cause i want to. I mean adding summaries and links in my descriptions. I do it sometimes so people can know what i’m talking about, but i’m not any kind of publication, media or journalist. I’m a guy who does a comic for fun. I have CERO obligation of reporting the facts at you nor support links, sources, data, or any of the stuff that haters come here to demand of me as if HAVE to do more work than a journalist (cause i AM doing more research work than a 2020 online journalist) if i want to draw a 20 minutes comic poking fun at some stupid shit someone said. The people who angrily demand those of me, never demand that kind of work of REAL journalists who SHOULD be doing it, because those journalists write stuff they agree with. If you’re one of those, shut up and get off your fucking high horse.

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