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I’ve used for this comic the girl who thinks she’s a Deer and has been appointed in the Twitch Safety Advisory Council, but really the comic references a wider issue as is the Slippery slope and how fast has made impossible to satirize.

Years ago when the culture war started, one of the main problems is that people were only looking at the issues from the perspective of the present. They looked at how things WERE in 2013-14-15 and since the issues at the time were in their larval states, they decided they weren’t a problem, and those who complained were exaggerating; mere reactionaries. They never acknowledge that the argument was never how thing were in 2014, but how what was starting in 2014 would, if unchecked, devolve into serious problems later. The argument was the Slippery slope. And at the time, a lot of satire was done, joking about what would be the possitions defended in the future.

Now, at 2020, as those issues were left unchecked, they’ve started to germinate, and practically everything that was warned about in 2014 has come to pass, or has begun to show it will pass. Lots of things that in 2014 were treated as “strawmans” and got responses of “no one actually thinks that, it would be stupid to believe that, it’s a non issue”, today are completely widespread and accepted ideas, and if you don’t believe in them you’re a nazi.

Now the tweets openly hating on men, or hating on whites, or on heteros that get half a million likes and people beliving they’re deers are the new normal, and making satire has become impossible because everything that we come up with comes to pass in real life in no time, if it hasn’t happen already.

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