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This comic is not intended to be “funny” but rather be used as a reaction image to use in social media against idiotic people. I’ve been doing many reaction images lately and they seem to be received well so why not.

And there are A LOT of idiotic people going full npc mode, practically copy pasting the same comments against sexy female drawings. “WheRe ArE hEr OrGaNs?”, “OuCh HeR sPiNe”, “HavE yOu EvEr SeEn A wOmAn?”, “MeN ShOuLdN’t Be AlLoWeD tO dRaW (ignoring the erotic drawings market is dominated by women)”, “It’S nEvEr Ok To SeXuAlIzE wOmEn (men it’s ok)”

The argument that drawings have to be realistic or else they’re badly done is one i’ve fight against my whole life, and i cannot express with words how stupid and closeminded i think it is to close up the infinite amount of possibilities drawing has, limited only by imagination, and limit it only to stuff you see in real life, drawn as it is. It was bad enough when people argued this stupidity honestly, but is even worse now cause you can easily see these people only argue it because of ideology, and not honest thought.

The people complaining about unrealistic female drawings ONLY complain when she’s drawn sexy and with certain styles, akin to manga or superheroes. They don’t have any problem with designs 1000 times more unrealistic, like Steven universe, Phineas & ferb, Adventure time, etc. Characters on those series have bodies like spaguetti, or like cones, or like nothing you would see in real life. But they’re totally ok with that. Then show them an anime sexy woman and all hell breaks lose because “unrealistic”. And that woman can jump 100 feet, shoot lasers, break a wall with a fist, and has eyes as big as an apple. But none of those are in conflict with realism, apparently. Only that she has an E cup. THAT is unrealistic. We all know no women in life has those.

And that’s another thing. Not only is stupid to argue that a drawing HAS to be realistic. Not only it’s stupid, hipocritical and tribal to argue that only one unrealistic thing is a problem while all the other are fine. It’s even more stupid cause the things they complain about as unrealistic are actualy about the only realistic thing in the character. Cause women with big boobs exist. Women with fit and slender bodies exist. The poses they complain about are actualy doable and even common in modeling or cosplay. And a google search of 0,5 seconds is enough to show you thousands of examples. It’s so obvious that they’re being selective and dishonest because they adscribe to an ideology that tells them sexy women shouldn’t exist, that they’re wrong and sexist and you should be fat and because you’re fat everyone else should be fat and depictions of atractive people shouldn’t be atractive.

I’m so sick of it. This is not in the realm of opinion anymore. In the past i had to read some right wing puritan try to judge my drawings sometime, but this never went beyond some lame attempt at shame. These new “wokes” try to erase the products from existance and destroy the life of whoever created them. Someone did a figure of a sexy female character? we cannot have that! Let’s push for the figure to not be released! This mangaka artist draws too many sexy women? Let harrass him (or her!) and try to get him fired!, this guy has some covers lined up to do for marvel? oh wait but he did one and it’s sexy Spiderwoman doing a pose that spiderman has done lots of times and, as cosplayers proved, can perfectly be done in real life by a real woman, let’s demand Marvel to take him out of the job, until they actually do!

“Call me a killjoy but i think if something is not to my tastes, no one should be allowed to enjoy it”

Go fuck yourslvesalready, it’s a drawing, it can’t hurt you, nothing is happening to her, let people enjoy things you insufferable puritans!

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