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Recently Square released a trailer for the Final fantasy 7 remake showcasing the scene in which Cloud crossdreses to infiltrate a mansion. Quickly, a section of the woke community (and bigger than i thought) started to claim that means Cloud is canonically a transexual. Even after being explained that this is already on the original game and has no relationship with anything trans, some people are still pushing for the idea that he’s trans, or at least gay, and it has become one of the most ridiculous “controversies” of recent times, in which one side is objectively, without a single doubt, and backed up by the old game, correct, but still there are a big enough amount of people blinded by their ideology that we have had to argue about it for days…

And this is not new. There’s a section of the woke or lgbt communities that constantly tries to push characters as trans for the slightest sign of something outside the stereotype for men or women. Despite being the ones who claim to want to take down gender stereotypes, they’re the ones who apply the stricter gender stereotypes in order to push a character as trans the moment they show they like something that’s usually liked by the other gender. Or in some cases without even the need for that. In the end, the only thing they do is alienate fans of the character, and create more distaste for the lgbt community. Truly, i’ve been warning of the damage to lgbt image these people would cause for half a decade, and i think i’ve quite been proven right.

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