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When geeks say “Keep politics out of X”, we don’t mean that you can’t have political themes in entertainment; we mean that we don’t want you to proselytize. Introduce any in-setting politics that you want, or even examine real world political ideologies in a non partisan way (The gods know i LOVE Legend of the Galactic heroes and it’s one of the most politicaly heavy series you will find), but don’t make stories that inject contemporary real life politics and present it as “this side objetively the good guys, this other side are nazis”. Don’t introduce real life topics that are highly contested and have no consensus or even basis to back them up so you can somehow validate them. Don’t treat your own audience as bigots who deserve to be fucked over so you start making changes and dialogues that are direct jabs at them.

Like really, is not THAT hard to make an entertainment product and NOT introduce literaly Donald Trump as the villain. I swear you can.

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