(Version española). You can see the whole drawing of Cidney here, and also a nude version for patreon supporters. I’ll copy paste what i wrote there:

I’ve not played Final fantasy XV nor i’ve intention to play it anytime soon, as it seems to be a bad game. It will be in fact the first FF i’ll not buy. But i’ve seen how much butthurt the Social justice warriors and feminists are spilling about Cidney because of how she looks in the most hypocritical way, since the male protagonists are as much sexualized as her. But, oh! i forgot, that the protagonists are also “problematic”, because since they’re a group of 4 male protagonists, it means the game is mysoginist, and those who play it hate women. Because clearly Square would never make a FF with a full female cast (EhemehemFinalfantasyX-2Ehemehem). So i cannot help but to piss on them by drawing her in a popular pinup pose, since they hate pinups.

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