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I saw yesterday a new overwatch comic where they revealed that Tracer is lesbian. I had three reactions to this: the first one was “Ok”. Followed by “well if a character is lesbian in Ov it had to be Tracer”, and finally, i got dissapointed that she wasn’t dating another Ov character, at least from the backstories, but just a random new girl. After that, my attention got redirected to Mercy and Genji writing letters to each other, which made me curious as if they’re a couple or will be, and i didn’t think any more about Tracer, because what sex see fucks is irrelevant.

Then i watched all the fuss made by SJWs about her, basing the entire identity of the character in the fact that she’s lesbian, or some of them liking the character now when they hated her before, and complaining that people is against Tracer being lesbian because they’re homophobic, or worse, gamergators!, when in reality the number of people who is complaining about it is almost nonexistant, and at best you can find people complaining about how it has been implemented, or questioning if this has been legit or a move to pander to Tumblr. Some of them even complain that this info wasn’t made public when the character was presented, as if they somehow have to stop heterosexuals from empathizing with her… and then we have Jonathan Mcintosh going Fullmcintosh as always.

Seriously, who cares, who a character decides to fuck should be irrelevant, just let the ships sink.

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