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Isn’t it interesting how Social justice warriors haven claiming for years that Gamergate was a very small movement, even of only 300 members, but now they accuse us of being numerous enought to make a US presidential candidate win? So we may be as numerous as 50 million people? Figures.

I’ve already talk in another comic about what i think of both candidates and the election, and i also wrote a rant of leftist self critique (in spanish) about the reasons he won, so i won’t be saying much more about it, i can summarize it in: The reaction to Trump’s victory is the reason why he won.

Now, this page talks about the hypocrisy of the democrats who, when they where sure of Hillary’s victory, laughed at republicans, told them to respect the democratic process, to be civil, predicted that republicans would riot and lectured them for it; and yet, when Trump won, they went to the streets to riot and ask for the repeal of the democratic process, beating white men, even old people and dogs, writing hate speech in the streets, in social media, blaming whites and males for everything, acusing them or racists and homophobes, etc, even blaming Gamergate for it; esentially, not learning anything and exemplifying the reasons why Trump won. And isn’t it funny that the cities they’re burning are the ones who voted Hillary?

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