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I’m not a Trump supporter; i think that outside of the realm of business, he’s a dumb illiterate guy, with narcissistic tendencies, who say some stupid stuff, have some questionable stances (at least from my perspective) and promises things he can’t do. But i find stupid when i see people, mostly leftists like me, who think Trump’s success is because all of his voters (more than half of the population, aparently) are racist and sexist. Especially because they usually don’t know shit about what he has said, what he intends to do, what has happened in the election, or who Hillary is. Most of the time his critics can’t name a thing he has done or said that’s racist or sexist, or if they do, it’s false and he has really never said it. And don’t get me wrong, he has probably made some mean comments like that, but mean comments are just words, and it’s retarded to judge his entire voter base, and him as a candidate, based on “he said mean stuff”.

People need to have some perspective and think about why so many people vote Donald trump. The main reason is so Hillary doesn’t win. She’s a person who represents the establishment and corruption. She has so many corruption, warmonging and death behind her that someone could write a book about it, and yet the media covers her up, wich makes her also represent the corrupt media and their collusion with politics. Her politics would probably lead to a war with Russia; a world war. She’s also against weapons, and we all know how much US citizens love weapons. She has been caught insulting the Bernie voter base. She is the Democrat candidate because the DNC worked against Sanders. Her campaign has been exposed hiring people to cause violence at Trump rallys. In fact if you look at her wikileaks, there’s some surreal stuff like satanic rituals and child prostitution. Everyone who was gonna testify against her in some corruption case, suddenly dies days before doing it. Her husband has been accused of several rapes, and her of covering them up (though this are just accusations). She’s in favour of censoring videogames. And if you look at her past, she has many videos with comments that would be rendered as racist, sexist, hmophobic and hate speech if they were said by Trump.

Her entire campaign seems to be based on “i have a vagina”, which also leads to another reason why people vote Trump: they are tired of the identity politics, gender ideology and political correctness that have been growing the recent years and threaten free speech and artistic freedom. They are tired of radical leftists and radical black live matter members creating violence, blocking roads, stealing stores, etc, and later being justified by the media. They are also concerned about the terrorist threat of radical islam, and tired of being branded racist for making critiques of Islam in the same way they did critiques of Christianity. He also is someone who’s against the establishment and against the corrupt media. If anything this election serves to show how much mass media needs a complete overhaul. In summary, there’s a ton of reasons to vote Donald Trump that have no relationship with being racist, sexist or homophobic. Even if we were to blindly accept that he’s all of those tings, you can’t judge him in a vacuum and without judging his rival also. The United states had to decide the lesser of two evils, and Trump is definitely the lesser of those two evils.

And even ignoring all of that, Trump memes are fun.

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