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After injecting politics and lowering the quality of videogames in the recent years, social justice warriors go for the next step and try to inject them into anime. We have already talk in past comics about how they attack ecchi and every anime on the line of Keijo, while promoting animes like Free! focused on the male anatomy or Yaoi, seemingly oblivious to the double standard (Not that promoting them is bad, i liked Free!, mind you, but don’t tell me that watching sexy males is cool while watching sexy females is a crime). We have already seen how funimation tried to inject attacks on Gamergate in their dubs, but now they go beyond that and change the dialogue of an anime until it changes the setting, what happens in it, and the personality of one of the characters, all to make feminist propaganda.

Kobayashi’s Dragon maid is a monster girl anime on the same line as every other Monster girl anime in recent years; which is essentially copy pasting the formula of the boring Monster musume; about a Dragon who goes to live in a human house, causing a lot of other dragons to go live in this world. One of them is the ex dragon goddess Quetzalcoalt (Lucoa). The setting never shows any kind of sexist attitude being prevalent in the world; in fact it doesn’t show any sexist attitude at all at any point. The dragons know nothing about the society of that world, its societal norms, how they think regarding sex and sexual exposition, and even less about ideologies or words made up by Tumblr. Lucoa is a very sexually open character, who’s acustomed to be revered and to be at the top of the pyramid.

In the original anime, Lucoa is often used in humorous situations where she shows too much or acts too friendly towards people, but this is always played on a funny way, as a contrast with how Japanese people are afraid of sexual contact. The characters either look at ther in awe or get paralized or flee on fear that she could initiate sexual contact. But the only time on the anime you can actually see anyone forcing her to cover up is a baywatch woman who makes her change from a super revealing bikini to a normal one, and at no point anyone acts or says anything about her in a harmfull way. In fact people avoids so much talking about it, that Lucoa is completelly clueless about this for most of the anime.

Yet, on theMonster girls comic), but that those politics should be the ones of the setting and the characters, not real life ideology fit with a shoehorn till it becomes a badly written aberration.

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