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Madrid, the capital of Spain, has “banned” manspreading in public transport.

For those who don’t know what Manspreading is, it’s a sexist term created by feminists to, yet again, demonize men for something completelly irrelevant and that both sexes do. It’s the idea that when men sit down on public transport with their legs open, they’re not doing it because they have different hips, or testicles, and it’s uncomfortable for men to sit in the same position, especially in summer; nope, it’s because we are sexist and want to oppress the women arround us by pushing them out. It doesn’t matter that men sit this way no matter who’s at their side or when there’s no one besides them (especially if there’s no one besides them). It doesn’t matter if women do it too with other positions, and with their bags. It doesn’t matter that the “problem” is as easy to solve as asking the guy to let you space, since he will be sorry and close his legs. No, no, that would completelly break the narrative that men are sexist and go out there to push women down in any way they can come up with. Let’s better convince the world of our retarded ideas, demonize all men and forbid them to sit comfortably in public transport.

The best part about the “manspreading” shit, is that when it started to appear, about, 2 years ago?, feminists told us that those who talk about manspreading are radicals; not real feminists (we all know the No true scotsman fallacy), and that we should not “whine” about something that would never go beyond places like Tumblr. Even i though that this was so retarded that even feminists wouldn’t push for it seriously. Yet here we are, it’s the current year, and “manspreading has become mainstream, with feminists pushing for it as if this is the most important issue ever for women in the world.

It seems is true that the absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow.

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