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Tumblr has proved time and time again to be a nest for the worst fanbases possible, and you just have to look at all of the death threats and suicide attempts that come from the Steven universe one to make you an idea; but this time they seem to have surpassed themselves: the tumblr fanbase of a new game became toxic in less than a week.

“Dream Daddy” is a dating simulator in which you try to date; you guessed it; dads. I don’t know about the game’s quality but it seems to have become pretty popular, in the same “week of glory” way as games like Goat simulator, that become famous because of a funny premise and then are forgotten after a month. One artist by the name of OhNips did a gender swap of the characters from Sugar daddies to MILFs. Nothing that should be unnusual or controversic, i do that all the time. But Tumblr got up in arms against her for a miriad, stupid, identity politics reasons, to the point she received death threats.

Some people attacked her because aparently one of the dads is a transexual, so making a gender swap is horrible and evil, even if the character doesn’t exist in real life. For me that just mean it’s easier to do the gender swap since you only have to look at an old photo (if there’s one in the game).

Some other people attacked her because she drawn them sexy, using the same old, retarded, elitist “muh realism” that some people have to say to every artist who doesn’t draw hiperrealism. Some even told her the tired old fallacy “have you ever seen a real woman?”, which is funny considering the artist is a woman. This is some kind of stupidity that myself as a porn artist have had to deal with a lot of times, and it would take me a long time to write all the reasons why this retards are fucking wrong and they should just shut the fuck up and learn that not liking a drawing style is not the same as the drawing being wrong, and there are a fucking million styles who drift afar from realism. Plus, the proportions in this case weren’t even unrealistic, as it was proven by some girls who decided to cosplay as the artist gender swaps. And the original male characters are almost all fit and sexy so what the fuck are this double standard witches complaining about?

Some other people even accused her of “fatphobia” for drawing them sexy. This is the argument that doesn’t even make any logical sense, since all of the characters in the original game are fit, except one, who’s fat, and the artist did the gender swap of this character to be also fat, so what the fuck are they even talking about? and why the fuck is someone fatphobic for drawing sexy characters? and why the fuck someone should worry about NOT been against obesity? one of the leading causes of death in most first world countries? something that’s clearly unhealthy? now wanting to be healthy and attractive is a “phobia”, so this tumblrites can avoid feeling bad and deluding themselves that they’re not going to die from a hearth attack.

Anyways, the girl stood her ground and refused to apologize; i commend her for that. We need more people who just refuse to be shamed and apologice when they did nothing wrong. This case reminds me to the time they did it to me with the Ms.Marvel drawing. I was banned from various places and lost revenue because of them, but i refused to apologize or change my ways, and i feel it’s the right thing to do, not only for me to show them they can’t shame into submission, but also for all of the artists who will face the same. All artists should do the same.

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