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Game journalists and Woke activists have spent the recent years actively promoting censorship and ideological impositions in videogames, and whenever the gamers rallied against censorship and pointed out how all of this could come back to bite them; as the concept of censorship is bad regardless how silly you think the censored thing is; they were just dismished as “evil gamerz”, far right wing chuds who just want to kick women, gays and minorities of gaming!

Well now China has set into a huge censorship crusade against anything they don’t like in videogames, which is a lot of things, among which you can find lgbt representation and other woke topics; and considering how huge the chinese market is, this will surely change the landscape of gaming worldwide. And yet, the rethoric from game journalists and woke activists doesn’t seem to have changed one bit. It seems like, as with a lot of other issues, they will ignore the places were injustices and discrimination are serious and widespread, to focus on minuscule irrelevant stuff in the west.

Which only goes to further prove what i always say: Woke people don’t do what they do because they’re good people fighting for the opressed. They’re just crybullies who have found a way to bully others while obtaining social status by doing so. They’ll just do the performative stuff that gives them more internet points and moral highground for the lesser risk.

And meanwhile, the “evil gamers” are the ones who are against the chinese censorship of lgbt people and such other topics.

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