(Versión española)

A small comic showing how Gender violence statistics are collected in Spain. In our country, when a man kills, hurts or offends a woman in the domestic area, it’s not considered domestic violence. Instead, it’s considered that the reason why he did it, was because she was a woman and he hates women. No matter what cause it’s discovered on investigation or they themselves tell, it will always be counted as Gender violence. This causes that the Gender violence statistics in our country are astronomicaly artificialy inflated, and this false statistics are used to justify more and more hard measures and laws against men, and to strip men of their rights. This is one of the most dificult obstacles to surpass in Spain when the domestic violence topic arises. Due to this false statistics, there’s an erroneous widespread idea that there’s huge numbers of males hurting women just because they are women, and thus male chauvinism is an epidemic. This is contradicted by the fact that Spain is the European country with less violence towards women, and one of the safest in the world, but the media make it seem as if there’s thousands of cases, reporting every murder of a woman as a clear case of gender violence, even when in most cases the reason had no relationship with sexism; they just report case after case, creating fear about how dangerous the country is for women and how sexists men are, while never reporting a single case of women killing men. In fact the government stoped giving official data of murdered males years ago, because the numbers where not very different from the female ones.

Spain Gender laws: A country against men