Spain gender laws: A country against men.

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For this article, I will try to add as much sources in English as possible. However, most of the info is only available in Spanish, so you’ll have to use Google translator if you want to check them properly. Some of the links will be to videos in Spanish; I don’t know a possible solution for those, but I have not found a sub version.

Imagine that, as a male, you find a new girlfriend. You spend a couple of months with her and invite her to your home. Then things get nasty and she begins to psychologically abuse you. One day she hits you and you tell her to leave your house. She refuses. You call the police and report a domestic violence case, you ask them to come. They come, and they see that you have several marks, while the woman has nothing. They arrest YOU and put you in prison for up to 3 days. Because there’s a domestic violence report (made by you), they put a restriction order ON YOU, so you can’t go back to your own house, because your now ex-girlfriend is living in it, until the case solves.

Then the woman decides to press charges against you for domestic violence. She then can ask the state for an economic help of 400 euro each month during 11 months. No need for a conviction, just the accusation is needed, and they will give her the money even if the accusation proves to be false. Then a long process begins in which you’ll probably be condemned with just her word, while you can’t access your own house, and will probably be fired from your job. And even if they don’t judge you guilty, you’ll still be included in the sex offender list, because, by law, you are guilty; they just didn’t found proofs enough to convict you.

When the 11 month help to the woman ends, she makes another accusation at you, because every time she does, the state gives her another 11 months of financial help, and there are no repercussions for a false accusation.

Welcome to Spain.




Spain is a unique case when it comes to gender laws. There’s no other country in the world with a law equal to our infamous Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence Law. We have 106 inquisitorial tribunals exclusively made to judge men, with no constitutional guarantee. The last time a country did this, was germany in the 30s with tribunals to exclusively judge Jews. Even Sweden is nicer to its men than Spain.

To know about the origins of the gender laws in Spain we have to go back to 1944, during the reign of the dictator Franco. In this time, the fascists added an aggravating circumstance called “contempt for gender”, that made crimes more punishable if the victim was a woman, and the victimizer a man. This remained active until 1983, when a mostly socialist congress got rid of it, arguing (correctly) that it only served to infantilize woman, and made it seem as if they were in need of constant protection, inferior both mentally and physically. At the time, society viewed this change as something positive, and when a member of a right wing party protested about the change, the women in the socialist party got angry at him and asked him to leave.

In the latest decades, the government has been rotating between the Popular Party (PP, center-right wing) and the Socialist worker party (PSOE, Socialists). In 2003, the PSOE was in charge, and they approved a new law, called Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence (acronym LIGV), the 28 of December, with many opposition, and many complains about it being unconstitutional. It’s interesting to say here that the 28 of December is the Spanish “April’s fools”, so it’s quite the correct day to approve it, since the law is a joke.

What this law does? Well it does a lot of things.

The law establishes a difference between domestic violence and “gender violence”.  While the first is violence that happens in the domestic area, the second is violence done because of sexism. BUT, here lies the problem: “gender violence” can only be done by men, and it’s considered the default type of violence for men. That is, if a woman attacks a man, it’s considered domestic violence, even if she did it because she hates men; but if a man attacks a woman, it’s considered “gender violence”, no matter what reason may be behind the attack. It doesn’t matter if he did it for money, jealousy, infidelity, vengeance, mental problems, or even self-defense. To the LIGV, every act of violence from a man to a woman can only mean he is a sexist, and attacked her because she is a woman. And of course, the punishment for gender violence is higher than for domestic violence. This is especially funny in a country where women are going to be released from jail just because they are women.

This, of course, creates a lie that feeds itself. If you look at the official data at the end of the year, the numbers for “gender violence” will be very high, since every single thing a man has done to a woman through the year is considered to be done because of sexism. This is used by feminists to claim the law is necessary, and even has to be strengthened, because of the high numbers (like this year, when the political party “Left United” proposed that men should not have presumption of innocence if accused by a woman;  or the Baleares islands, where not paying alimony will be considered “gender violence”). Of course, they ignore the fact that Spain is the country with fewer murders of women, and violence towards women, in all Europe.

Ranking of women murdered per million (2006)



This table shows the results of a poll. The top row shows the % of women who said to have suffered gender violence. The bottom one shows how much % thinks gender violence is a widespread problem. Which shows that spanish women think the problem is much bigger than it really is.


Another thing the law does is to give huge power to women over men, while striping men of their rights.

For example, if a call is made to denounce domestic violence, the man is automatically put in jail as a preemptive measure for up to 3 days. There’s no need for any proof or process. Just any accusation from any woman is enough for this. And it doesn’t matter how many times she has done it, the man will be thrown in jail again and again. This of course is used by malicious women to make the life of men impossible, or make them lose their jobs.

Also, in a domestic violence call, by law, the default culprit is the man. So, even if he is the one calling, and he’s the one with violence marks, he will be the one thrown in prison. And a restriction order can be placed on him, so he can’t go back to his own home if the woman is still there.

If a man receives a gender violence accusation, he will lose custody of his children, and if he’s in a divorce process, he will most probably lose everything.

Since the law started, judges in Spain have had pressure on them to put in jail as much men as possible, which transforms many cases in jokes where the man is condemned with just the word of the woman and no other evidence or even evidence to the contrary. But even if you are found innocent, you’ll still be placed in the sex offender list, as you are legally guilty from the moment the woman makes the accusation. There have been very absurd cases, like a man who was condemned for “gender violence” because he farted in front of his wife.

Women also get special benefits, as they are considered “victims” from the moment they make the accusation. Depending on the province, they have cheaper prices to rent a flat, or they are directly given one for free. In some places they have to pay nothing to join university if they have made an accusation.

Also, ilegal inmigrant women who make a gender violence accusation are given the papers to become legal inmigrants.

Women also have all the expenses of the trial paid by the state. They have to pay nothing for accusing a man.

I don’t think I have to say that everything listed here goes against the presumption of innocence, the principle of equal punishment for same crime, and is highly unconstitutional. Thus why there has been dozens of attempts to take it down, and even the European council has said it goes against the constitution and the human rights of men. There are a lot of men unjustly affected by this law, who had their lives completely destroyed. Long judicial procedures; imprisonment with no evidence every time the woman want;  loss of their house, loss of their job; loss of their children; unable to get a new job; many of them suicide, but even if they don’t, they are marked for life. A rape accusation is something that chases you forever in Spain, no matter how many evidence of your innocence you have.

There was a famous case last year. A girl had sex with several boys in a fair, and later on she accused them of raping her. During the trial, many bystanders testified that the sex was consensual, because they had sex at plain sight of the fair, and dozens of people watched them. There was also a recorded video of the event, which showed a consensual act. And finally, the girl herself confessed that everything was a lie. It looks like a pretty clear case, right? Well not for Spain. When the guys got free, a petition was opened to get signatures to force the tribunal to reopen the case, arguing that it was 100% sure they were rapists, because the girl said so, even if all the evidence, including a confession, pointed otherwise. The campaign got 8.000 signatures in a day. That’s how brainwashed we are, so you can imagine what a falsely accused man can expect around here.

12 years have passed since the law was created, and we are witnessing its effects. For example, suicide rates among men have increased a lot since the law was approved. Right now suicide is the lead cause for death of men in the country, and 70% of the suicides have been produced by abusive processes of Gender violence.


Blue are men suicides and red women suicides till 2013. In 2015 we already reached about 3.500.



The cases of fathers unjustly separated from their children and parental alienation have skyrocketed  since they LIVG allows mothers to abuse it for custody, and there’s a lot of father’s right groups that have been born because of that.

What the law has NOT done is solve the problem of domestic violence. The numbers on DV and murders from both men and women have remained the same since the creation of the law. By all objective means, for its supposed intended purpose, the LIVG has failed.  And we know it failed since many years ago.


Numbers of women murdered in Spain since 2004 to 2013.


So, how it’s possible that the law has lasted so long (and seems it will last a lot more, since a recent attempt by a political party to fix the law has been meet with amazing opposition and propaganda), if it has served no purpose and has only caused problems and injustice? Why is there an interest in maintaining it?

Because the law has created a whole industry around it, of which feminists depend more, since they receive money from the European union depending on how many accusations are made though the year, so they try to create as many as possible, no matter if they are false. In some cases, even the teams in charge of the investigations make false reports to increase the numbers of convicted men.

Feminist groups in Spain receive more than 2 million euro each year to “fight gender violence”, of which less than 5% are destined to victims. Many of those feminists live of doing absolutely nothing, just receiving money from the state and justifying it with feminist meet ups now and then. Feminists are very interested in the existence of the law, to make profit of it, and because it helps women to easily get custody.  Lawyers in Spain usually recommend women to make a Gender violence accusation in divorce cases so they have an easy win. And feminists create alarmist campaigns to encourage accusations for the most minimal infractions of behavior. Even the most normal attitudes inside a couple are considered abuse if the man does them, but not if is the women who does. Campaigns warn about the “abuse” of a boyfriend who looks at your phone, or tells you he doesn’t like a friend of yours, but totally ignore when the girlfriend does it. Just a few days ago, in Valentine, the police department made a tweet with an innocent comment: “A “stolen” kiss is not a crime, enjoy Valentine”. Hordes of feminists attacked the police, accusing them of promoting sexual abuse and even rape, and encouraging women to denounce if someone, no matter if it’s their current partner, kiss them by surprise. Note here that the tweet was neutral, yet all the outrage was about men kissing women.

In 2015, the police also released a tweet in which they encouraged both women and men to denounce abuse from their partners. Again, hordes of feminists attacked them, asking the police to NOT encourage man to denounce their abusers, in what was a very clear show of what feminism is about in Spain.


An egalitarian tweet encouraging both women and men to denounce their agressors. A capital crime for spanish feminism.



Feminists and the government have intentionally hided and manipulated information to make it seem as if there’s an epidemic of murder and gender violence towards women, while men are never the victim.

For example, before 2006, the numbers of murder of men by their wives were public, and they were not very different from the ones to women. Murders of men ranged 30-60 per year, while murders of women ranged 50-75 per year. There are more murders of women than men, but there’s not by any mean a difference so high as to say there’s a gender problem.  But after 2006, the government changed the organization in charge of the official data (twice), and the official numbers for murdered men began to drop, until they suddenly dropped to 10, 5, ¡or even 0 murders! Meanwhile, the numbers of women were the same.


Numbers of men killed by their wives from 1997 to 2013. Until 2006 numbers are collected normaly and numbers are lower but similar to those of women. In 2006 the MIR gets silenced. In 2008 the Service of Inspetion CGPJ gets silenced. Numbers from 2011 to 2013 showed 0 deaths until a recent update in November 2015, and still the numbers are unrealistic.



Of course, those numbers are totally false. Several groups are dedicated to collect murder cases from newspapers, and every year there’s at least around 30 cases of men murdered by their wives, and even more if we count attempts to kill, or which women fail a lot more than men. Women also commit a lot more of children murder than men (about 80% of child murders are perpetrated by women), yet when it happens, the reaction is completely different than when a man does it. For example, a few months ago, a mother killed her two children and then committed suicide. The media called it an “extended suicide”, and there was a lot of talk about the poor mother who had no choice but to kill her children because reasons. Her city also had two minutes of silence in her memory. Not a single mainstream media considered her actions to be her fault, or objectionable. Yet, just a week later, a father did exactly the same, killing his children and then killing himself. He was demonized by all the media for his egoistic and horrible act, and the city hold two minutes of silence for his children, but not for him.

Another common feminist lie is that 99% of domestic violence is caused by men. To prove it, they show the numbers of Gender violence. Do you remember what we talked about earlier, about how gender violence only happens when is done by men? So, logically, 99% of “Gender violence” is caused by men (the remaining 1% I assume will be lesbian violence cases, which some judges include in Gender violence, for some reason). But Gender violence is not domestic violence, and those numbers don’t represent, at all, the real numbers of domestic abuse.

The reality is that hundreds of studies show that domestic violence is done at the same rate by women and men, and is bidirectional. There are also studies that say women in Spain are more violent than men.  There’s a reality of men abused in the same quantities as women are abused, that is totally ignored by the media, feminists, the government, and the law, who have nowhere to go and no financial or emotional help.

Another common lie to sustain the LIVG is that there are almost no false accusations. According to feminists, less than 0.01% of accusations are false. Of course this is false, and it should be obvious even without proof. They pretend we have to believe that there are only a 0.01% of women who are malicious enough to make a false accusation, because we all know women are all saints and would never do anything evil. The truth is that there’s no official data for false accusations. No one knows how many are real or false. The 0.01% number is a manipulation of the data made by feminists.  The reality is that there are at least 20% of false accusations in Spain, based on the data we have.

The main problem in this case is that, in Spain, when an accusation is find out to be false, it’s not officially considered to be false. To be considered officially false, you have to sue the woman back. Then a judge has to accept the case, and judges in Spain are being pressed to dismiss as much cases of false accusation as they can. Then if the case goes on and it’s find out to be guilty, it will be considered as such. But in most cases, men don’t sue back. They are usually exhausted both mentally and economically from a very long process in which they have probably lost their jobs and children, and have to pay trial expenses (while the woman has all the trial expenses paid by the state). Their only interest is to go back to their normal lives. Also lawyers usually advice to not sue back and instead make some deal with the woman so she drops the charges, or she promises not to accuse him again (since there’s really nothing stopping her from doing it again and again).

Of course the real data is buried under all the lies and false data that the media and feminists throw at people who have no time nor interest in unveiling the truth, and everyone who tries to show it is destroyed by them. Even TV presenters who have unveiled corruption cases in their programs are afraid of feminism and simply ignore men when they speak about domestic violence.

UPDATE IN 2017: The government has recently aproved an expansion, that will extend the Gender violence to every case of violence against women, not just in cases of domestic violence. That means that everything you’ve read in this article, will now be applied to any man to commits any kind of violence towards any woman in any circumstance, no matter the context or motivation. This will of course artificially increase the numbers of “gender violence” to a huge ammount, since they’ll claim that every case happened because she was a woman and he hated women, so i expect an increase on the media pressure calling us all sexist and violent, and from feminists asking for even harder measures and justifying the law on this new false numbers.

There are some people fighting against it though. There are my website.

As an ending note, I would like to recommend this video, since it’s in English and gives a very good perspective of the problem