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I didn’t thought this was so bad at first. I saw some screenshots of the new Baldur’s Gate expansion, Siegues of Dragonspear, with lines of text like the “mama doesn’t need you, she can take care of herself” and i thought that they were just making reference to a strong kind of character, and maybe people was doing a long shot critizicing this. But then i saw more and more, and oh boy this is terrible. It’s not only that the game is filled with badly writen identity politics that are totally out of place in a medieval fantasy setting like baldurs gate. They also changed the personality of old characters like Safana, changed the story of Jaheira because they say her marriage was “sexist” towards her (because in a mariage where HE is portrayed as useless and pathetic, the sexism is surely towards her), and even made Minsc make fun of Gamergate.

They are lucky that people didn’t know about this before buying, and are buying it because of the name, because the game has currently a 3.5 in Metacritic. This is just another case like the ones we have been witnesing in comics: SJW writers coopting existing characters and changing them based on identity politics to use them as propaganda because fans will buy it based on the name, instead of trying to do new characters and games by themselves, because they know they wouldn’t sell shit that way. Seriously, it’s like they are fucking desperate trying to change people into what they want. They know that their bullshit is sinonimous with bad sales, yet they try every method possible to do it even if it leads to bankrupcy. It seems like if they have to choose between wining money to eat, and brainwashing people into their ideology, they choose the second. Thats how much intolerant they are to people having different ideas than their own.

Oh, and yeah, that’s TayTweets, the Microsoft nazi AI.

Btw it seems the company has changed some things like the gamergate joke because of the controversy, which they shouldn’t do. Even if the reasons why they did it are fucked up, it’s still their work and they can do it however they want.

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