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A few days ago, a group of black people kidnaped a guy with special needs, tortured him, threatened him with a knife, made him to drink toilet water, hited him repeatedly, made him to crawl at their feet, and many other stuff, all while they shouted “fuck white people” and “fuck donald trump”. The mainstream media is struggling hard to find out what could possibly be the motivation behind their actions, and it seems TIME magazine has finally found it….videogames. Of course, it’s always videogames…

This case is creating a lot of controversy and i would say that little of it is because of the actions of the black people itself. Some people are saying the black gus are from Black lives matter, but i haven’t seen any evidence of that, and even if they are, 4 people are not representative of a movement (it’s a different thing when they go out by the hundreds to riot and cry “we want dead cops”). The problem with this case is the media. Because it’s absolutely undeniable that this guys where racially and politically motivated to do what they did, yet the mainstream media is doing every possible effort to convince us that they had completelly different motivations to do it… like playing videogames… because there are a lot of videogames that make you torture white people because they’re white…

You see this is one of the reasons why i define myself as a leftist who dislike leftists. My ideas are mostly on the left, but then i see the left media so blatantly lying, trying so hard to hide empirical data, and people on the left playing willful ignorance to avoid acknowledging what happened there… the truth is important even if you don’t like it, and if you think that you’re hidding it to protect minorities, then think again, because it’s precisely the act of you trying to hide an evident truth what makes people take a hostile reaction; it’s this kind of stuff what creates a backlash and makes people go more into the right, because even if they’re leftist, they feel that the left is playing against them. Because everyone knows what would have been the media reaction if the races where reversed.

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