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When the character Mei appeared in Overwatch, the fat acceptance movements (a.k.a we want to be attractive without actually doing any effort so we will change natural human sexual attraction until we force everyone to like us) rushed to claim Mei as best character ever because she was fat (she is not, she’s thic, and wears big clothes for winter). Recently, blizzard released a Lunar revel skin in wich she wears tight clothes instead of winter clothes, and as you can see her figure, it happens that she’s not fat. So now tumblr is crying ink because she’s not fat and aparently you can’t like a character if they’re not exactly like you (i guess i will have to stop playing all those muscled fighters).

Blizzard has reacted in the way they always react when there’s a nontroversy, by making an excuse and promising to change it. In this case they say it is “a glitch” (of course, because you can do the entire advertising of the Lunar revel using Mei’s skin without realizing that detail, cof cof). Whatever, it may be or not, that’s not the point, but the reaction of tumblerites.

Btw if you don’t get the second panel reference, it’s Cryduck.

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