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In recent years, Marvel comics has started a spiral of self destruction, in which they attempt to pander to the kind of people who don’t actually buy comics; tumblerites, feminists, social justice warriors, etc. To do so they have done story after story where they bash white males, calling them racists, sexist, etc, while at the same time introducing token characters, whose only characteristic has been “woman” or “gay” or “black”, because they are very badly writen. Take Thorina as an example. I didn’t care about her at first; it’s not unnusual for someone else to pick the hammer of Thor and get his powers temporarilly. But the comic itself is written like shit, with a lot of nonsensical stuff done with the sole purpose of pandering to certain groups. For example she has to fight Titania and her husband, and while they’re fighting, completely out of nowhere, the husband begins to talk bad about feminism, for absolutely no reason besides showing how “bad” he is because he’s against feminism. Of course Thorina is a feminist, but whats more ridiculous is that Titania beats her own husband and surrender because …she respects what she’s doing fighting as a female…and because girl power…. WHAT?. First of there are thousands of female superheroes, and second, she surrenders because girl power? so the way to defeat her all along has been to just send a female officer to ask her to surrender?… what a wonderfull writing.

Then we have stuff like the “unsolicited opinions about israel”, a comic where a villain is portrayed as saying “evil” stuff, like defending men’s rights or talking about Israel (though we’re not informed about what he says about israel). Or the “ask me about my feminist agenda”, or the continuous references to “the patriarchy” or “mansplaining” or using Red skull to portray the common Trump voter as a nazi, or directly showing Trump as the villain, or using Kamala Khan to get votes for Hillary… among a lot of stupid political stuff that has made Marvel sales go lower and lower, until sales are showing that DC is completely destroying Marvel comics. I wonder why. It couldn’t possibly be bashing your core readers to pander to people who will not buy the comics anyways because they’re always triggered by something in them.

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