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At a recent event where Milo yiannopulos was to give a speech, antifa protestors have organized and caused riots, breaking stores, part of the university, setting fires, beating up Milo supporters with steel bars, spraying them with pepper spray, and a lot of stuff with the intention (succesful) of stopping a jewish gay to give one of his speechs about political correctness. You know, the kind of thing that fascists do. Because nothing tells more that you’re a tolerant leftist than stopping people to use their freedom of expression using violence because you don’t agree with them.

And again, this is one of reasons why i’m a leftist who dislikes the leftists. I don’t agree with many of the stuff that Milo says. In fact i probably disagree with most, but he’s someone i like because i could have a reasonable discussion with. I know that most of what he says is in jest; dark humor and humorous hyperboles, and when he’s serious he uses sources to back himself up, and i agree with him on the battle against political correctness. But even if he was truly, as his enemies claim without proof, a radical extreme right winger or alt-right neo nazi leader, i would still support his freedom of speech, as he’s not inciting any violence nor breaking anyone elses rights. I feel shame when i see people who claim to be left wingers and anti fascist use any means necesary, including steel bars, to stop people from saying contrary opinions. That’s the opposite of free speech, that’s not what left wing should suposedly be about, that’s fascism. Also, i see an increase in the justification of going outside to “punch nazis”. I’m the first one who, when i see someone miserable being punched, says “they deserve it”, but, do you know what’s the problem with “punching nazis”? That the leftist definition of who’s a “nazi” keeps increasing, till everyone who thinks slightly different is a nazi, and then, since you justified punching a nazi, it’s justified to punch…everyone you disagree with…

And i couldn’t help myself from using Mio, my parody character of Milo, to be the journalist who ask questions about the protests of a Milo event XD, as well as the Taric reference. Nati ursi with the virgin killer is a bonus, since so many people ask me for porn of her. Someday, i promise.

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