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Some weeks ago, before the release of Nier automata, i did a page showcasing the reactions of feminists towards Horizon and Nier automata. Their reaction to the first one was to claim that gamers didn’t want to play it because it had a female protagonist and we’re sexist, even when the complains from gamers where that the media was pushing the game for ideological reasons instead of speaking about its gameplay. All the while, gamers where very excited about the release of Nier automata and its female protagonist, but feminists either ignored it or dismished it. Now that both games are out, we have seen that Horizon has become the best-selling new first-party IP on PlayStation 4, with 2.6 million copies in 2 weeks, and Nier automata has been widelly aclaimed and well received, with even higher scores in metacritic than Horizon; two facts that completelly nulify their claims about gamers not wanting to play games Horizon, or any game, because it has a female protagonist.

So, what have the feminists done when faced with such a reality slap? they now claim that the reason why we want to play 2B, or female protagonists, is because we are sexist. Yep. I’m seeing feminists claim that the only reason we want to do that is because we want to control women as mere objects. Of course, that retarded logic is not applied to male characters. I think this is one of the better examples we will get that they simply see everything men do through a lens of negativity. If we don’t want= sexism, if we want= sexism. There’s no way to win. if you’re a man you’ve lost by default in their eyes.

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