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The amazing videogame Nier automata came out recently, and we have seen two reactions from the politically correct, social justice warrior camp. One has been to completely ignore the existance of the game, even if it has a strong female protagonist, wide female cast and boy in distress scenes. The other has been to hate and critcize it because the protagonist is sexy and has an “unrealistic” design, and to shame those who like the game with lines like “you only like the game because she shows panties and you’re a virgin” and all that usual retarded arguments, because we all know that what they’re truly about is puritanism. The answer from Yoko Taro, creator of the game, to this accusations, and to questions as to why he did the characters that way, has simply been: “I just really like girls”. 

And thats how simple should fucking be. You don’t need to do realistic designs, unless you’re purposedly going for a realistic setting. You’re working with fiction, with fantasy, with sci-fi, with androids in a far future, with anime style settings where people can jump a mile or blow up a planet, with superheroes who can control magnetism. You don’t fucking have chain to designs to realism, just do whatever you like and think is cool. There are a hundred reasons why ditching realism helps doing cooler designs, and those design, and sexy characters, are more interesting to the eye, help to create empathy for the characters (morals have a beauty bias), and help to attract more consumers. You don’t need to give a realistic explanation as to why they’re that way, you don’t need an excuse as to why you did a sexy women or an unrealistic design. Just do it because you like it, and thousands of people like you like it. And those who don’t like it can just fucking go watch something else.

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