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Anita Sarkeesian had a few words to say about a joke another SJW did about liking a furry character, because of course that’s problematic. But the funny thing about it, is that then other feminists and SJWs started to roast her; especially on forums like Gamerghazi, the anti-gamergate subreddit famous for trying to dox and ruin everyone they don’t agree with; claiming that they always hated her, that she says stupid stuff, that her videos are full of stupidity and lies, and essentially every argument that Gamergate has ever made against her. But alas, they’re not like Gamergate, because they critizice her for what she says, and we do it..cause she’s a woman and we hate women, of course! Well newsflash Gamerghazi (cause i know you tend to post my comics there in your echo chamber), have it crossed your mind that maybe we are critizicing her precisely because of all that stuff you are also critizicing her? no? because the only ones who say we do it cause she’s a woman…it’s you…we make the exact same criticism of her pal Jonathan mcinstosh and every male feminist who spout the same crap, but you have convinced yourself, or maybe the media with their narrative, that we do it cause she’s a woman and we hate them. Right. Makes perfect sense. Ocklams razor would be proud.

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