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Recently, Buzzfeed and Kotaku published articles claiming that a female CS:GO tournament have blocked some transgender team from participating in it. We could go about the debate about men claiming to be women to gain access to female only competitions, something that many female participants are denouncing as unfair in many sports, but we wont have to, because the news were fake. The “transgender” team was a group of trolls who wanted to show how news sites would run any story without filter as long as it served them to virtue signal; they just put some wigs and spouted some of the typical tumblr rethoric, and the sites ran with it, even when they trolls made no attempt to hide they where trolling. When it was discovered that the news where fake, Nathan grayson (who wrote the article for Kotaku) claimed that the fault wasn’t really his for not fact checking, but of the people, because they’re garbage.

Really? Come on guy, that’s your excuse? It’s obvious that there are people out there creating fake news on purpose, and we all get tricked once in a while to believe some of them, but it usually happens when it’s something feasible, and we as individuals have no duty to fact check; if we don’t, it’s just us as individuals who are missinformed. But you’re a journalist, working for a news site, who suposedly should have standards, and should check if a story is true, and you don’t even bother to check on a story where the trolls weren’t even hidding the joke? And you still think that Gamergate started because gamers are sexist and not because gaming news sites are shit?

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