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It seems the Social justice warriors don’t even need an ass anymore to be offended at Overwatch. I don’t now how any times they’ve lashed out at the game for the most retarded reasons. A character being show from her back? sexism! think of the children! a zombie skin making a character skin lighter? racism! whitewashing! literally no one is complaining about a character being gay? let’s make up a non-troversy! those who think the story wasn’t handled well are homophobes! And the newset installment of “im offended by everything” is: D.va gets a korean police officer skin, and the SJWs, specially those from Black lives matter, lash at Blizzard for doing it because aparently all cops are evil and giving her a police outfit is making her a symbol of opression and brutality. I guess the next step is to forbid war themed games, because they promote brutality and opression.

By the way, sometimes i see the usual anti-gamergate (not here, they seem to be afraid of debate even online, probably because if they argue with me directly they would be silencing a hispanic D:) claim that the lines my characters say in the comic are strawmans, things that the SJW don’t really say. Well, the reality is that the vast mayority of lines my characters say, are actually quotes of lines said by real people. And in this case, the crazy line about D.va being black and in support of BLM is an actual claim said by someone on Tumblr.

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