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Recently, famous feminist Laci Green did a video where she explained how she had had contact with some anti feminists, and realized we are not evil monsters who want to opress women, and we even have valid points, so she was planing to organize some debates (and in fact she already had one with Blaire white). This created different reactions on the feminist and anti-feminist camps. The anti feminists congratulated Laci for being open to debate, and expressed themselves open to participate in them. The feminist camp essentially bursted into drama, with people attacking her for daring to even hear the opinion of people who disagree with them, and promoting the idea of political censorship. If you want a clear and quick reason as to why there are so many people against feminism, you just have to take a close look at those two different reactions between camps, and you’ll understand.

Now, i’m not gonna go hipster mode and say “i secretly liked her the whole time!”, like many anti-fems have done, because it wouldn’t be honest (and i wonder how honest many of those anti-fems where). It’s true that i like Laci better than other feminists in regard that she’s sex positive, and sex positive fems are always better than sex negative ones. But she has some of the typical harmful ideas of feminism based on dogma and false data, and many people seem to fail to realize, that she hasn’t said at any moment that she has changed her opinions on any of it. She’s just open to debate, which is comendable, but it shouldn’t be; it should be the standard; and their movement is in a very sorry moment indeed if just have one feminist contemplating the idea of having a debate is an improvement, and she’s attacked for it. Of course, her attitude grants her a lot more respect from me than most other feminists, and if she’s open to changing her ideas i wouldn’t call her on her past.

And yes, the one in the car is Chris Ray gun.

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