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Anita Sarkeesian has been caught, yet again, lying. On the E3 2015 she made a tweet condemning the E3 for attaching an image of Rise Kujikawa from the Persona games to the atendee badges. This on itself is stupid, as it doesn’t have any negative to it. Rise is dressed like any normal schoolgirl and not sexualized in any way (and even if she were, i would still not see the problem), and it’s just an attempt to force her narrative on how bad females are treated in gaming and how misogynist gamergate is. But as it has been discovered, it’s a lie that Rise was attached to the badges. The Rise image is just an ad they give you at the entrance, and she attached it to the badged to make it seem as if the E3 attached it themselves. https://twitter.com/josephf5/status/611765422938025984

It’s a stupid detail, but it ads to the dozens this woman has done already and tells how trustworthy she is. Also, one can’t go away with saying anything bad about Rise. Seriously, you won’t.

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