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Don’t take my opinion on the E3 too seriously, i’m not a sonyer (i still haven’t any next gen console) but i’m obviously biased in favour of the games Sony announced in their conference, and for me Sony annihilated Microsoft XD

What is to be considered is the reaction of anti-gamergates and sjws towards the E3. This E3 showed a lot of characters who are female, or minorities, or both, and even the presenters and commentators had a lot of females and minorities, but aparently not a single sjw cared about this, because it would run against their narrative that there’s not women and minorities and gamers don’t want them. Instead, they have been complaining non stop about how violent those games are, complaining about doom, about fallout 4, etc. I guess they have lost their pants with the announce of some games that seem to be made by one of them, like the unravel or the one about the blind girl, you know the ones who seem to have 0 fun involved. That is, if they played games at all…

Meanwhile we gamers are hyped and supporting the companies without caring about gender or races. Interesting, ah? who should developers pay attention?

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